We name ourselves

Susurrus organic silk pillowcases on the lineThis is the very first blog by Susurrus Organic Silk Pillowcases. So let’s start with an apology. Our name is hard to say and harder to spell. The meaning is a bit obscure too. Sorry about that.

Su-sur -rus.  Say it like this: soo – sir – riss.

It means a low murmur, or whisper, like the sound of the sea brushing across the sand or the wind rustling through the trees. Or the hushed sigh of soft silk as you lie down to sleep.

Shetland beach

Can you hear it? It is that most calming of sounds; that slowing of the heartbeat, that deep breath of relaxation. Stick a shell to your ear and that blood-rushing sea sound is susurrus. Lie down in the long grass and that humming and thrumming of insect wings is susurrus. Sit in a city cafe and let the gushing, pulsing noises of the other customers wash over you. Susurration.

No other name would  convey the totally relaxed, natural luxury of our silk. We were advised not to use it. It will put people off, we were told. But at Susurrus we are not always great at following perceived wisdom. You will find we can be a little rebellious that way. Uncompromising, if you like.

That’s why we choose to run our business slowly and sustainably; it’s why we choose to support other companies who are trying their best to be socially and environmentally responsible. We could buy cheap silk and churn out pillowcases. It would certainly be simpleHammock in Shetlandr. But we choose to use the best quality organic silk we can source, with the highest standards for protecting land and people.

And for this we make no apology.

2 thoughts on “We name ourselves

  1. Karen Elf October 5, 2015 / 7:56 pm

    These pillowcases are wonderful. Such an excellent product, obviously designed and made with care and attention to detail. I love the philosophy of the producers, so honest and committed to the environment.

    • organicsilk October 6, 2015 / 9:06 am

      Dear Karen, I am so happy you like our pillowcases! It’s great to know our silk and our story are appreciated.
      Best wishes, Karen W

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