Be happy; we’re organic

Judging the success of your country using a happiness scale is already inspiring. But Bhutan, a tiny nation tucked into the Himalayas,  has taken their lofty thinking higher still and is trying to become the world’s first organic country.

It is a land of exquisite natural beauty and quite right they should want to protect what is there. Happy soil leads to happy farmers, food and animals, which leads to happy people… and up, hopefully, goes Gross Domestic Happiness, an index they’ve used since the 1970s. The link between the health of a country’s soil and natural ecosystems, with the happiness of the people who live there seems obvious. It represents sustainability, care and appreciation for much more than just agricultural produce. Like so much in life, it’s a classic reap-what-you-sow situation.

Bhutan hasn’t achieved this goal yet, and who knows if it can or will work, but at least it is trying. It makes Susurrus wonder what’s stopping other places where organic agricuture has been proven to work. Our silk is grown, organically, on the other side of the mountains from Bhutan. And although we are a rarity in our field, it is wonderful to know the neighbours care as much as we do.

Susurrus knows an employer who claimed, often, that the happiness of those in their employ was nothing to do with them. In a way they were right…our emotions are our own to manage.  And yet, how narrow a view of the responsibilities we have for others’ lives.  Bhutan, clearly, gets the bigger picture. And that’s enough to make a nation smile…gots-logo_rgb

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