In a mad world, love the moments

Sometimes nothing much makes sense. But taking time to notice the little, joyful moments in life can only give us strength.  From a cup of coffee that makes you smile to a field of fragrant flowers, Susurrus loves these moments of calm amidst life’s chaos.

Here’s one I filmed recently…there’s something surprisingly mesmerising about a line of gorgeous silk washing, wafting wildly in a Shetland breeze! I shot this while lying on the grass, gazing up at the sky…I think of these as my susurrus moments, and I’m always searching for them.

Feel free to share your own…and here’s to those many, many people who are unjustly struggling today to find moments of joy or calm of their own.

Silk with Strength. That’s the Spirit!

yangshuo with the cousins 047
Great coffee in Yangshuo, China
Making flower chains, Yunnan, China

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