Losing the will to give…a guide to festive fatigue

Seasonal survival tips #1 Create a memory you can retreat to when the glitter starts to erode your will to give. 

Science now tells us that to create a long-lasting memory, we need to hold information for at least 30 seconds. So here goes… relax and breathe deeply and imagine sinking your flustered head into soft, cool silk. It’s smooth and sumptuous and the only noise is a soothing whisper, or susurrus. Shh…Doesn’t that feel better? There…a happy place all of your own. Remember it next time you’re in a massive queue to buy something you don’t want for someone you don’t like. Or better still, drop the shopping and go home to bed 🙂 Sleeping on silk is one memory you won’t forget.

Silk less serious. That’s the spirit!

(And for more on the memory stuff, see New Scientist, no 3049, page 35)

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