The art of giving (less)

Seasonal survival tips…#2 Lie down in a shop and pretend to be an art installation

Choose a time when the shop is quite busy with seasonal shoppers and make sure you strike an interesting and unusual pose. Try not to look like you’ve just fainted, or you may find yourself explaining abstract artistic concepts to a paramedic, who might not be appreciative. With luck the shop assistants will think you have been recruited to mollify the crowds when the card machine stops working.

The more time you spend as an artist, the less you’ll spend as a consumer. Go on…own the space. You know you’ve always wanted to. Semi-reclining on an organic silk pillowcase is recommended, but make sure your facial expressions differ from the shop’s own models, or you may find your vintage charity shop #30wears maxi-dress being exchanged for something altogether too trendy.

Silk less serious. That’s the spirit!






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