Our Philosophy

Be kind. Be caring. Be creative

Wind-filled Susurrus silk pillowcases on the washing lineAt Susurrus we want to do things differently. 

Our business is based on simple principles: to create beautiful things with care and kindness, and to think about the impact of our decisions on others.

We’ve been inspired and charmed by the grace and generosity of people we’ve encountered on travels across Asia, and especially China, as well as the beauty of the landscapes there.        

Our silk meets the world’s highest standards in organic textiles and socially responsible processing and trading practices. It is an assurance that people and the planet are protected. Blown away by the beauty of our silk

This means you can enjoy the full luxury of our organic silk products with a clear conscience…whether you’re tucked up in bed at home, or out there exploring the world from the back of a truck. And that feels good for everyone.

Silk with standards. That’s the spirit!

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