Good for the planet; gorgeous for you

Need a reason to try our GOTS-certified silk pillow cases?

Washing day just got lovelier…luxury loves a light Shetland breeze

Silk for health.

Some people find silk pillowcases can help with dry, sensitive skin or hair, allergies, asthma, eczema, night sweats or chills during times of stress, the menopause, illness or treatments like chemotherapy.

Silk for beauty.

Fewer fine wrinkles and smoother hair in the morning are what attract many to silk pillowcases. At Susurrus we say “sleep well, be beautiful,” but, in truth, silk protein does seem to have skin-friendly properties that may leave you looking fresher and less crumpled than usual!

Silk for luxury and glamour. 

Legends and myths have been spun around silk for thousands of years, creating a lasting image of mystery and allure. Its liquid-smooth finish, light-reflecting opulence and sumptuous drape ensure the legends live on. Think Audrey Hepburn in silk pyjamas…or oilskins…the choice is yours.

Train across ChinaSilk for travel.

It’s light, portable,  squashable, washable, comfortable…Slip a Susurrus organic silk cover over a hotel pillow and you are instantly at home, or transform your camping to glamping. Easy.

Silk for ecology.

We can never say too much about how important it is we protect the land and the people involved in our silk creations. Did we mention our silk is certified organic? We did? Okay.

Silk for curiosity. 

For only the curious have something to find…

What’s your reason?

Silk for Susurrus. The entire Susurrus family loves our organic silk pillowcases. We’ve carried them with us on camping holidays; curled into them on long car journeys; slumbered on beaches; stuffed them in rucksacks and taken them backpacking. 

They may be made from a luxurious, soft silk, but they are much tougher than you’d think. They’ve survived our travels and our teenagers, and have been merrily squashed, cuddled, sat on, spilled on and thrown (lovingly) at each other over many months. The only thing that came close to causing lasting damage was a set of nose piercings…but we’ve learned to avoid sharp objects 🙂

And caring for them couldn’t be easier. Just stick them inside out in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Even better, quickly rinse them through in a sink, throw them on the line and see how fast they dry. Essential if you’re on the road or just want to dive back into a freshly-laundered bed.

Sand, sea and silk
Shh…sand and silk at the Baltic

At the end of the day, they are only pillowcases and they won’t change your life. But for the Susurrus family, snuggling into them at the end of our day, they feel like home – wherever we are.  This is our reason. What’s yours?

Silk for snuggling. That’s the spirit!

Now take me to your silk shop

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