Silk for healthy skin and hair

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Silk For health:  Silk may help calm the symptoms of eczema, asthma and allergies. This may be because the close weave of silk satin is less hospitable for dust mites than other fabrics.  One scientific study looked at by Susurrus also pointed to the fact that the silk protein sericin caused virtually no allergic reactions. 

People with dry or sensitive skin or hair often find they can tolerate silk much better than other fabrics. And as organic silk fibres are exceptionally long and smooth,  silk pSusurrus pillowcase close upillowcases won’t drag at your hair or skin overnight.

Some people find silk pillowcases can help them feel better during times of stress, the menopause, illness or treatments like chemotherapy. The effects of night sweats and chills can be lessened as silk adjusts well to ambient temperatures, helping to cool you down when you’re hot and warm you up when it’s cold.

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Silk For beauty:  Many people report smoother skin and hair as a result of using silk pillowcases. Organic silk has fibres that are extra-long and smooth, with absolutely no chemical residues to irritate your skin. 

The long fibres of mulberry silk, woven into a satin finish, may help keep moisture close to the skin so your face feels more hydrated when you wake up. 

This is thought to be because the silk protein sericin works in harmony with the natural protein in skin and hair, helping create a moisture-retaining barrier.  

Some dermatologists and silk pillowcase veterans believe this reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles or skin that looks creased in the morning. At Susurrus we’re always a bit crumpled. But we wear our laughter lines with pride 🙂

Silk that soothes and smooths. 

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