Travel silk by Susurrus

Ready for an adventure? For silk on the go, try our washed-out blue silk pillowcase. Still soft as a feather, but with a more relaxed finish. This batch has been garment-dyed in the UK, before being washed and wind-dried in the pure Shetland Island sea air.

This is a great pillowcase for travelling. Like all our silk, it’s tougher than it looks, weighs next to nothing, dries really quickly and feels very comforting, wherever you spend the night. Never thought of taking your own pillowcase? Best way of transforming any hotel, hostel, train or tent we’ve ever found!

Sent to you un-boxed with no frills, ready for you to slip into your luggage…

Size 50cm x 75cm

Portable, washable, huggable organic luxury every night… wherever you sleep

Our pillowcases are easy to tuck into your suitcase, rucksack or bag, adding next to no extra weight or bulk. They’re also simple to wash  – in a machine at 40 degrees or less or by hand in a hostel bathroom…and because silk dries quickly they’ll be ready for you to slip onto your pillow by bed-time.

A Susurrus organic silk pillowcase makes a brilliant gift for any would-be adventurer – whether you’re off to spend the weekend at granny’s, getting ready for a round-the-world adventure or heading to the hills for a few nights of camping.

Choose from our garment-dyed washed blue silk or the classic Susurrus pillowcase range. Get yours monogrammed or inspire your travels with a well-chosen quote from our Bard at Bedtime range.





…nothing seems as soothing as silk when you’re far from home

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