Reviews of Susurrus

Livia Firth, the creative director of Eco-Age and a huge voice in sustainable and ethical fashion around the world, has given her approval of our pillowcases, which is just amazing. She even took the time to make a short video about Susurrus. You can see it on Instagram here:

In her film Livia describes our pillowcases as “incredibly beautiful.” She goes on to say: “I never saw a company so committed like you… Thank you for committing to fully-traceable, organically-certified silk, completely ethically made.”

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Happily, many of our other customers agree. Here’s what some of them have said:

“These are gorgeous!” Karen Elf, Berlin

“I can really recommend these beautiful silk pillow cases. They are an excellent example of fair trade at it’s finest.” Lynne, Berlin

 “Wow… just had my first two nights with these magical pillowcases and had the best sleep ever. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Who knew that something so simple could bring restful relaxed nights to someone who for years has had relentless broken and disturbed sleep! Spread the word!”   
Marjorie Bain, Glasgow

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