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Stone lionOur pillowcases are a collaboration between a silk farm in western China and our enthusiastic small business, Susurrus, in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. 

Fine and luxurious textiles have a long history in both places, from the intricate woven designs of China’s silk artisans and minority peoples to the soft, warm wool of the islands, with its unique Fair Isle patterns and sea-inspired arts and crafts.

Our communities may be far apart, but geography is no barrier to being good neighbours. We share a spirit of kindness, care for the environments we live in and believe in fair treatment of each other.  We are proud of our silk products, and we hope you love them too.

Susurrus was founded by Karen Warner, who is based in Shetland, Scotland, but has been lucky enough to live and work in China too.

Karen collaborates closely with some very lovely and talented people including those who work for OTEX (formerly Alkena), in Western China’s Sichuan Province. Here are some of them: 

Sissy Dai is our OTEX contact in China. She takes and tracks the orders and is responsible for exporting our pillowcases and cleverly interpreting our wishes. 

Mulberry farmer: Li XueySilkworm house and mulberry trees. Photo by Alkenaong is responsible for the ecological farm in Sichuan Province, including planting the mulberry trees and silkworm breeding.

Organic advisor: Zhao Xingyuan is the general manager of the farm, leading the farmers and staff in organic practices, showing them how to make organic compost, how to care for the silk cocoons and how to spin the silk.

Silk fabric maker: Diana (Zou Daiming) supervises the fabric production at OTEX, making sure the thickness and quality are right and checking the designs.

Seamstress: Zhangkun is one of the team responsible for sewing the pillowcases so perfectly.

Packer: Yu Jingping packs and labels the Susurrus pillowcases ready for shipping to Scotland, where the Susurrus team checks, irons, folds, be-ribbons and boxes them up.

Silk with a story. That’s the spirit!

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